Dynamic Teams. Smart Strategies. Real Results.


You are a terrific team leader.

You see the power and possibility in leading with a growth mindset, holding up a compelling vision that creates a strong gravitational pull. You are future focused, with a commitment to all team members learning and growing through shared success. You (and your team!) could benefit from sharper leadership tools, an inspiration boost, better accountability structures, or simply a partner on your path.

Especially if:

  • You need to create, refresh, or get team buy in on a shared vision for success.

  • You’ve got a strong vision and engaged team, but need a clear, strategic action plan.

  • You want to increase efficiency of collaboration – including confidence in delegating.

  • Your team is in a tough spot, because of internal or external pressures, and you need boost of energy, inspiration, and fun.


I am a seasoned biz coach who is keen on helping creative teams thrive. I believe teams are at their best when they have three key pieces in place: connection to a common purpose (vision!), a clear action plan with accountabilities, and agreed-upon structures to keep momentum strong and stress at bay.

My team clients are curious, fun, intelligent folks. They believe in the power of collaboration, drawing insights from both successes and breakdowns, and holding a positive future focus. They see the benefit in growing together, supporting and cheering both individual and team gains.

When we work together, we’ll hold a focus on keeping energy high, rigorously mining for insights and learnings, celebrating breakthroughs, and holding clear accountabilities and structures in place. My goal is not only to support you in achieving bottom line success, but to ensure you have a fulfilling team experience along the way.

As we say at my kids’ elementary school, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” Corny, but  true.

Ready to level up? Let’s have a chat.