Even though I conceptually understood the value of planning and business strategy, it wasn’t until we started working with Elyse that I truly comprehended its importance. The one thing I have continually said is that I wish we would have hired you sooner.
— Aaron Fry, Founder, Netsprout
Elyse is dynamic and driven, raising the quality bar on outcomes and keeping teams on time, on track, and on purpose.
— Julie Chendes, Founder & CEO, Next Level Strategies
Working with Elyse has been foundational to our company’s exponential growth — when we started working with Elyse several years ago, we hovered around the $200k revenue mark, working like mad with the support of just a few part time contractors. As a result of our work together, we are poised to generate over $1.2M in revenue this year, we have a solid and engaged team, and we are thriving as business owners. Elyse has continuously pushed us to think bigger and work smarter; she’s got a keen eye for closing gaps, tightening team performance, and keeping inspiration flowing. Retreats with Elyse are both energizing and productive — the very best use of our precious in-person team time.
— Paige Buck, partner, Kennedy Events
I’ve been in more meetings and team-building sessions that I care to remember. So I can say with confidence that you will be hard pressed to find a facilitator as effective in tapping into and drawing out the collective energy and wisdom of a room as Elyse. She particularly impressed me with her ability to effortlessly elicit opposing views and keep everyone focused, and yet somehow manage to build consensus in the end.
— Mike Lin, Mike Lin Consulting
Over the past 4 years, Elyse has been instrumental in our company’s financial and professional growth. Since she started facilitating our meetings, she has helped our team become stronger, more united and effective. My employees praise her work as the most useful investment I’ve made in their professional development. Our meetings with Elyse result in an openness and focus that leads our team to work together and independently in the best way we can. We absolutely love the energy, compassion and inspiration she cultivates in our team. We are beyond grateful!
— Anna Calonje, founder and owner, Little Artistas
Elyse has been instrumental in both my personal growth and the growth of my business. She has changed my perspective on business building and taught me the power of “I will.” She’s a beautiful soul, has a refreshing perspective, and is a good listener. She has, and to this day does, pushed me out of my comfort zone with such grace and with firmness when needed. I’ve been working with Elyse for 4 years and cannot imagine not having her by my side as I continue to grow my business.
— Susanne Capello, Chantal Events
I can only rave about Elyse! Her offsite design and facilitation is top notch year after year; she consistently delivers retreat experiences that guide our team to greater clarity and productivity, and have a measurable ripple effect beyond the retreat itself. Our team members consistently refer back to our retreat findings to build out their organization goals. Due to our partner coaching, I am completely different business owner than I was the first day I started working with Elyse. Working with my style, she is constantly pushing me to grow as a leader, a business owner and a partner. And this is reflected directly in our bottom line. She manages to be both tough and compassionate; I am impressed at how she manages to keep us laughing and having fun while she’s kicking our butts to get to the next level.
— Maggie Kennedy, owner and founder, Kennedy Events
Elyse has beautiful positive energy. She is the coolest coach that feels more like a friend, yet is tough enough on you, especially when she needs to be, holds you accountable to goals while still being compassionate. Elyse is smart, strategic and makes me laugh every session. She is always positive, even through the rough patches, which has been invaluable. Finding Elyse has been a complete gift in my life and I’m so grateful. I say don’t even think twice about working with her.
— Liz Rubin CEO | Founder, Ecodeo