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Powerful Experiences. Smart Strategies. Real Results.


You are gearing up for a rousing team offsite!

You are eager create a powerful experience, generating fresh thinking and putting big plans in place. And – it’s an investment! You want to ensure that time away from clients, projects, and widget-making pays dividends. You can benefit from an experienced guide and facilitator if: 

  • You need razor sharp clarity on purpose and outcomes to ensure stakeholder expectations are met.

  • You want smart, tailored content and experiences that engage, designed explicitly to address your team needs.  

  • You are committed to creating an experience that not only nourishes team energy and inspiration in the moment, but also creates enduring results.

  • You want to foster intellectually honest conversations that aren’t happening on their own, tackling tough issues and stuck dynamics, and seeing them through to resolution. 


I am a seasoned biz coach who loves helping teams put together the puzzle pieces of collective wisdom to create bold plans and big wins. Team off-sites are my jam: we will have a lot of fun, and get a lot done!

My team clients are a courageous, generous lot.

They believe in the power of coming together to breed creativity, increase camaraderie (did you know increased camaraderie enhances bottom line results?), share perspectives, and dream big. Ultimately, they are willing to commit to bold action to achieve those collective dreams – understanding that collaboration is the key to bigger gains for all.  

When we work together to plan and execute a team offsite, I ensure your experience is focused, engaging, productive, and inspiring; and, that it leads to enduring outcomes. As an experienced, objective facilitator, I act as a guide, allowing the team leadership to fully participate without needing to drive the agenda.

Did you know that you spend 20% of your life in meetings? I can help you make them more fun and more productive.

Ready to level up? Let’s have a chat.