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You are a lusty entrepreneur with a bold vision; you know what you are called to do, you are confident in your offering, and you are eager and clear in your commitment to do it. You can benefit from sharper tools, an inspiration boost, structures and accountability to ensure success, or simply a partner on your path. Especially if:

  • You want to have a greater impact – reaching more (and better!) clients, making more money, and having more free time to cultivate your creativity.

  • You have a clear vision for the business of your dreams, but you need a strategic plan to get there.

  • You’ve got a plan, but it’s not working out exactly as expected.

  • You’ve lost the passion you once had; the big dream is feeling far away as you navigate the day-to-day challenges of building your business.

  • You realize it is no fun to do this all by yourself, and are eager for an ally to support you and reconnect you with your brilliance and buoyancy.


I am a seasoned biz coach and entrepreneurial junkie who loves helping creative thinkers thrive in their work. Through a three step process of visioning, action planning, and implementation, I’ll help you bring fresh energy, inspiration, and growth to your endeavor – while reducing stress and finding ways to make work fun again.  

My clients are the smartest people I know. They wow me with the captivating visions they hold – for the future of their businesses, the positive impacts they will create, and their lives as successful entrepreneurs.

When we work together, I ensure we have fun, stay curious, celebrate progress and breakthroughs, and hold your feet to the fire to bring your bold vision to life.  

Embrace life as a Sprezzatura Entrepreneura!

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